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Meet Lynn

I love seeing faces smile, hearing giggles and guffaws, and watching eyebrows raise in amazement.

I love sharing the belief in magic with kids – as Houdini said – from five to 105 years of age. We are a national of fun postponers and through magic, children and adults alike can get a hassle-free respite from reality to enjoy fun and memorable entertainment.

Sometimes I interact with individuals or small groups in intimate settings where mysteries occur right in your hands or in front of your eyes using everyday objects like coins, cards, ribbons, and handkerchiefs. On other occasions, the magic might happen on a larger platform or stage as audiences witness much larger illusions. Regardless of the venue, you’ll find fun things to talk about anyplace from the Board Room to the Bed Room. I also do it for me because I truly love giving hocus pocus and humor hugs to others.

I take my magic responsibilities very seriously. Rather than be a “nice Uncle Harry” type of magician who pulls pennies from kids’ ears, I perform as a full-time professional magician—all year long. I started learning magic in the third grade and did my first show in the fifth grade (it was terrible). While in school, I was fortunate enough to learn some magic tricks and tips from two famous magicians: Harry Blackstone, Sr. and J.B. Bobo. Magic paid my way through three college degrees: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate. I recently attended the McBride Magic and Mystery School to further fine tune my performance skills: Jeff McBride was voted Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year. I keep up-to-date through my affiliation with three professional organizations:

I have lived in Milwaukee for over three decades. I was a professor and dean at Marquette University for several decades, where I specialized in fundraising, a unique skill available to you if your organization is trying to raise funds. I’ve been a small business owner. I’ve authored over two dozen books. I am both a full-time professional magician and professional Santa.

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